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The patient was operated by me 7 months ago at 17-September-2005. The last month, he started to complain of the same left sciatica, for what he performed MRI of the lumbar spine and confirmed recurrence at the same level. On examination, the patient had weak dorsi and planterflexion left foot and left sciatica.

The patient was operated and through left side, the massive adhesions were removed to identify the left S1 and S2 roots. The extrusion was removed lateral to the axilla of the left S1 root, which was severely deformed and involved with adhesions. The disc space was empty.


1. Reviewing the first operation, it was noticed, that the disc was adherent to the extrusion, and so as to remove it as much as possible, it was necessary to make a wide hole in the annulus fibrosis, which could explain the recurrence in such early stage.

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