Dr. Ali Al-Bayati

Most of the site will reflect the ongoing surgical activity of Prof. Munir Elias MD., PhD. with brief slides and weekly activity. For reference to the academic and theoretical part, you are welcome to visit  neurosurgery.tv

The patient was operated by me 07-February-2004 for PLD L4-5  with right downward migration. The patient improved, then came 09-January-2006 complaining of right hip pain for the last three weeks. The patient neurological status was normal with SLRS 85 degrees both sides. She was able to walk freely, but having difficulty in setting.

The patient was sent for check MRI, which revealed huge recurrence at the same level and the same side. The patient claimed that, she is improving and refused surgery at that time. The patient, then urged for surgery 03-March-2006 and she was operated the next day.

The extrusion was far posterior projecting under the right axilla, from where it was removed in one piece. Inspection of the disc space showed an empty space. No attempt was made to widen the defect in the annulus fibrosis.

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