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The patient came to the clinic 02-July-2006 complaining of inability to walk and use upper limbs due to quadriparesis below C5 with the weakness more pronounced in the right upper and lower limbs with anaesthesia below D6 left side.  The patient after bombing near the home 01-April-2003 felt down and got fracture of C5 and C6 with complete paraplegia at that level. The patient was operated at that time. Anterior fixation was performed. The patient came to the clinic in Jordan 02-July-2006 and on examination he had almost quadriplegia more dense in the right side below C5 root with hypalgesia below the umbilicus left side. It was decided to remove the construct, so as to perform MRI investigation, and at the same time the construct was flail and causing discomfort for him.
The patient was operated 06-July-2006 and removal of the flail device was performed. MRI of the cervical spine performed 17-July-2006 showed malacia of the spinal cord behind C5 level. The patient was given medications and advised to undergo aggressive physiotherapeutic treatment and to be followed in regular base.

Smooth postoperative recovery.


1. It seems that the neurosurgeon, how performed the surgery was not only novice in his practice, but inserting such a bad device, can cause harm to the patient.

2. The priority for such cases is to resolve the problem with neural soft tissues, and after then to decide what to do with the bony alignment.

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