Dr. Ali Al-Bayati

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The patient came to the clinic 19-March-2006 complaining of LBP for 4 years with left sciatica. Exacerbation of her complains the last 3 months with numbness of the entire left foot.  On examination, the patient had scoliotic stance with hypalgesia of the left L5 and S1 dermatomes with weak dorsi and planterflexion all toes left foot. MRI of the lumbar spine performed and showed extruded disc L5-S1 with left downward migration.

The patient was operated; left S1 foraminotomy with left L5-S1 hemiflavotomy was performed and the extruded disc removed. Inspection of the axilla showed moderate compression from behind, for what further cleaning of the disc material and beveling of the elevated annulus fibrosis was performed.

The power of the left foot normalized immediately after surgery.

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