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The patient came with agonizing right sciatica for 4 days not permitting him sleep, despite massive pain-killers to the emergency of Al-Shmaisani hospital  with almost drop right foot and weak dorsiflexion  and hypalgesia right L5 and S1 dermatomes. SLRS was 45 degrees in the left and 10 degrees in the right with pain in the right hip area. Examination for other pathologies were negative. MRI performed one ago showing small extrusion of the L4-5 disc compressing the already stenosed right foramen.

The patient was operated the morning of 11-January-2006. Right L5 foraminotomy was performed and the extrusion was removed and minimal cleaning of the disc space was performed. Check for the free foramen and laxity of the root was performed. Routine closure.

The power of the right foot normalized immediately after surgery.



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