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The patient came to the clinic 02-April-2006 from Iraq complaining of LBP for 6 years with bilateral sciatica. He was operated at that time for LCS with relative improvement in the motor function, but the patient continued to suffer from cauda equina signs. MRI performed 4 years ago showed still persisting LCS at L5-S1 level.

On examination, the patient had full blown picture of cauda equina syndrome with hypalgesia below L4 level with dorsi and planterflexion weakness of both lower limbs and weak abduction both knees. He was complaining of impotence and micturition and defecation problems.

He was sent for new MRI which showed not only severe stenosis at L4-5 level, but with central disc at the same level with sacralization of L5.

The patient underwent laminectomy of the sacralized L5 and L4 with foraminotomy of the left L5 root with removal of the extruded disc L4-5 from the left side. The ligamentum flavum was adherent to the dura, to that degree, that it was necessary to sharply dissect it from the dura, so as to have relaxed walls.

The patient showed immediate postoperative recovery, and the power of his limbs were complete in the postoperative recovery room.

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