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The patient  for 1 year suffering of neck and left shoulder pain. Exacerbation last 5 months with radicular and numbness of the left hand. The right hand got numb the last week. MRI done 01-August-2005 showing a huge schwannoma locating behind the body of C3 with dumbbell-shape appearance with extension and widening of the left foramen with mass following the nerve 3 cm out of the canal, pushing the vertebral artery anteriorly. On examination the left deltoid, triceps, biceps, supination, pronation very weak 2/5. The grip and extension of the hand were 4/5 with hypalgesia of the ulnar side of the left forearm. The deltoid and triceps  right side were 3/5, biceps and extension of the right hand 4/5. Brown-Sequard elements were noticed with hypalgesia below D6  right side and both quadriceps femores , abduction, adduction of the left knee and dorsi and planterflexion of the left foot 4/5. The patient was operated and the mass was radically removed including the mass out of the foramen and it was possible to notice the vertebral artery hanging free after that. Smooth postoperative course and considerable recovery of the power of his four limbs.

The patient came to the clinic 27-August-2005 with complete recovery of his neurologic deficits  with clean wound and told to perform check MRI after 3-4 weeks.

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