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Most of the site will reflect the ongoing surgical activity of Prof. Munir Elias MD., PhD. with brief slides and weekly activity. For reference to the academic and theoretical part, you are welcome to visit

The patient started to complain of sudden onset of severe LBP with left sciatica with inability to walk for 18 days. MRI performed and showed huge extrusion of L4-5 with upward migration left side. On examination, the patient had weak dorsiflexion all toes left foot with hypalgesia of the left L5 and S1 territories.  Left partial hemilaminectomy L4 was performed and here a good demonstration for tow points:
1. Drilling is safe when you know where ligamentum flavum is attached, to protect the neural structures from accidental injury.
2. The parallax system has disadvantage  in the quality of the pictures. The orange blur masking the field, giving low quality records in comparison not to the CCD professional camcorders but the amateur ones.

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