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The patient was seen at the operating room first time, complaining of back pain with paraparesis below D2 more prominent at the right side with almost drop right leg. Brown-Sequard syndrome was the whole picture with severe paresis in the right and analgesia in the left. MRI performed 11-March-2006 showing huge intradural meningioma compressing the spinal cord at the level of D1 and 2 from the right.

Laminectomy of D1-2 and partial of C7 was done and the dura was opened. The tumor upper and lower poles were identified and the arachnoid, including the anteriorly pushed right dentate ligament were sharply bisected. So as to avoid trauma to the spinal cord the right D3 root running over the tumor was also coagulated and bisected, after what the spinal cord became relaxed and the tumor start to shift to the right. The tumor matrix was coagulated and the tumor was totally removed. After removal of the tumor, the matrix was explored and meticulous cleaning of the remnants was performed.

Smooth postoperative recovery.

The patient in the immediate postoperative period and the next day showed immediate improvement of her neurological deficit. She could move with power of her right foot , but the sensory deficit still the same.

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