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The patient came to the clinic 12-July-2006 complaining of neck and right shoulder pain for 5 years with exacerbation last 3 months with numbness and pain entire right hand. MRI done 28-June-2006 showing huge extrusion of C5-6  disc to the right with compression of the spinal cord and the root.

On examination: profound weakness of the grip, extension of the right hand and the right triceps muscle. There is severe pain and limitation of the neck movement to all directions. Pin-prick sensation was preserved, but the patient was feeling that the whole right upper limb is swollen and in agonizing pain.

Discectomy of C5-6 was performed as usual and the extruded peace was removed in several fragments. Prompt postoperative recovery.


1. The patient has assimilation of C2-3 with inverted curvature of the cervical alignment. The presence of such elements play no role in the surgical plan.

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