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Most of the site will reflect the ongoing surgical activity of Prof. Munir Elias MD., PhD. with brief slides and weekly activity. For reference to the academic and theoretical part, you are welcome to visit  neurosurgery.tv

The patient  has intermittent claudication for several months. The last week after physiotherapy got severe right sciatica. In comparison to previously performed MRI the new MRI performed after the right sciatica showed dislodgment of the soft tissues from the right L3-4 & L4-5 facets compressing the roots.

Decompressive laminectomy L4 and partial of L5 and L3 was done with foraminotomy of both right L4 and 5 roots. All the soft tissues originating from the lateral masses were removed and inspection of the disci L3-4 and L4-5 revealed acceptable alignment.

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