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The patient came to the clinic 18-July-2006 complaining of left sciatica for 2 years with exacerbation the last 2 months. She was limping with scoliotic stance and agonizing pain for 2 weeks. On examination: SLRS 70 degrees right side and 45 degrees left side with absent left AJ, hypalgesia left S1 territory  and almost drop left foot with weak planterflexion left foot.

MRI performed 14-June-2006 showing huge extrusion L5-S1 left side with up and downward migration with coincidental Tarlov cyst.

Left L5-S1 hemiflavotomy was done and the extruded material was removed. Inspection of the axilla and the root canal was negative for remnants. Routine closure with prompt postoperative recovery.


1. The patient has huge extrusion and the disc space of L5-S1 is narrow. An attention will be paid for this factor in the recurrence rate. Logically the narrow space must decrease the possibility of recurrence. Time will give the answer for that.

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