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The patient came to the clinic 26-January-2005 complaining of LBP for 30 years  with deterioration the last 2 months with bilateral sciatica more the right. She is a known hypertensive. On examination: she had hypalgesia left L5 territory with weak dorsiflexion both feet and planterflexion right foot.

MRI requested and done 12-February-2005 showing LCS with osteoporosis. The patient mentioned improvement in medical therapy when she came 13-February-2005 and she was advised to continue medical treatment for osteoporosis.

The patient, then came 26-March-2006 with clinical deterioration and inability to sleep and deterioration of walking. She cannot walk more than 20 meters. On examination, there was hypalgesia left L5 and S1 roots with weak dorsi and planterflexion both feet.

MRI performed 27-March-2006 showing escalation of the stenosis with more pronounced compression at L2-3. L3-4 levels. Considering these data the patient was operated.

Decompressive laminectomy of L2-3-4 was done with foraminotomy of both L3 and L4 roots was performed.

Smooth postoperative recovery.

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