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The patient  was operated by me 1997 for PLD L5-S1 for left sciatica. The patient was doing well until 2 years ago started to suffer from the sciatica and MRI done showed recurrence of the disc at the same side. The patient was advised to undergo surgery for the recurrence, but he escaped until yesterday. He came with agonizing pain and inability to walk and not sleeping for 4 days due to pain, in spite of the heavy doses of pain-killers. He was sent for another MRI which showed the same picture with additional LCS L4-5.

Laminectomy of L5 with decompression of L4-5 level with foraminotomy of both left L5 and S1 roots was performed. Inspection of the L4-5 disc was not convincing to its cleaning, but the extrusion at L5-S1 was removed later to the axilla. The S1 root was exposed and followed down until it came clear that, no compression was seen.

The power of the weak left foot normalized immediately after the operation.


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