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The patient was operated by me three months ago for paraplegia below D2 for severe major compression at several sites in the med-dorsal and lower spine. He partially recovered and was sent to another investigations another time. In the new MRI there were compressing bony elements of the canal at D2-6-7-10 and LCS L3-4, L4-5 and foraminal stenosis of the left S1 root.

The patient was operated and through three separated incisions, 2 in the dorsal and one in the lower back, all the compressive bony elements were removed and foraminotomy of both L3, 4 5 and left S1 was performed and all the bony stenotic parts were drilled off in the dorsal spine.


It is well known that OPLL involve the cervical spine, but here and in other cases the dorsal spine has a different cause of the dorsal spinal stenosis. The major causative elements of compression are composed of hypertrophied bony elements with calcified ligamentum flavum.  The cervical spine was intact in this case, but he had also LCS, which could be a part of his pathological process.



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