Dr. Ali Al-Bayati

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Considering these findings, that the median and ulnar nerves are completely destroyed at the distal segments, they were cut were acceptable fibers were noted.

The MCN was exposed and studied. It was weakly transmitting stimulation to the long head of the biceps muscle, for what it was left in place intact.

The deltoid muscle was acceptable during direct stimulation of the muscle. Considering that, the radial nerve was preoperatively functioning, no attempt was made to explore the radial and axillary nerves.

The skin incision was extended inferiorly in the chest area to expose the intercostal nerves: Th2, 3, 4 and 5. Considering the low level of injury of both median and ulnar nerves, it was needed to harvest both sural nerves 35 cm length both. The were divided in 2 parts to have four bridges.

Cross anastamosis was performed between Th2 and 3 to the median nerve and Th4 and 5 to the ulnar nerve. The suturing was performed under microscopic facility.

Routine closure of the wounds. Ready-vac drain left in the chest wound for 24 hours.

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