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The patient  a known diabetic came to the clinic 16-April-2006 complaining severe agonizing LBP with bilateral sciatica with inability to walk with drop left foot. The patient was sent to perform MRI of the lumbar spine, which proved to have discitis of L4-5 after 2 surgeries, one performed 2004 and the last 4 weeks ago by other neurosurgeon. The patient was treated by dalacine-C 300 mg twice daily and pain-killers. The patient then came 17-July-2006 with the same agonizing pain  with drop left foot and hypalgesia of left L5 territory. The patient was sent another time for MRI, which showed massive bilateral recurrence of L4-5 disc.

The patient was operated and foraminotomy of both L5 roots was performed and the dural sleeve was followed superiorly and the massive extrusion was removed from both side with meticulous cleaning of the L4-5 disc space. The disc material which was removed was partially involved in the inflammatory process.


1. Vigorous cleaning and presence of diabetes mellitus with the inflammatory process are predisposing factors for recurrence.

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