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The patient was operated for trauma to the left forearm 6 months ago and repair of the tendons and left ulnar nerve was done. The patient underwent massive physiotherapy with several ECS reports showing complete absence of any recovery. The patient then was operated and exploration of the proximal and distal parts of the injured nerve was performed. Check of the conductivity from the proximal part showed minimal response to 10 mA. Considering that, neurolysis of the scarrious neural tissue and release of the constricting bands was performed. After neurolysis the proximal part became responsive, even to 1 mA stimulation. Routine closure.


When 6 months elapsing without beginning reinnervation, as in such case surgery is indicated and it is hard to predict before surgery, the final result of the exploration. All these surgeries must be performed using ECS during surgery, so as to make the proper decision. This lucky chap has the best option, when immediately after neurolysis, the function of the constricted nerve regain considerable improvement in ECS and clinically after the awakening from anaesthesia.



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