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Most of the site will reflect the ongoing surgical activity of Prof. Munir Elias MD., PhD. with brief slides and weekly activity. For reference to the academic and theoretical part, you are welcome to visit  neurosurgery.tv

The patient  has neck and left shoulder pain for three months with C6 radicular signs and cephalic syndrome. MRI preformed 23-June-2005 showing huge PCD C5-6 left side. On examination; the patient had severe weak grip and extension left hand and almost grade-2 of the left triceps muscle with hypalgesia of the outer side of the left forearm and median distribution of the left hand. The patient underwent discectomy C5-6 with removal of the extrusion of the material through the PLL and meticulous cleaning of the left side of the PLL was done. Prompt postoperative recovery and the patient discharged the next day.


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