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The patient came to the clinic complaining of severe right sciatica with  with almost right drop foot with exaggerated scoliotic stance and pain in standing and walking. The condition took place for 6 months with progressive course.

On examination beside the drop foot there was hypalgesia of the right L5 dermatome. The patient was sent for MRI and a huge extrusion of L4-5 was confirmed.

Right L4-5 hemiflavotomy with foraminotomy of right L5 root was done and the extrusion was removed lateral to the axilla.  Considering that the disc space was severely narrowed in the left side, meticulous cleaning of the disc space was performed from the right side, hoping to achieve symmetrical narrowing of the disc height to accelerate the disappearance of the exaggerated scoliotic appearance. Inspection for for slipped epiphysis was negative.


1. In the paediatric group of patients undergoing discectomy slipped epiphysis is the usual finding, but in this case, the age of the patient is in the border-line and no presence for slipped epiphysis was noted. He was demonstrating the usual picture seen in adults.

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