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The patient was operated 5 years ago for hydrocephalus  after several failed operations by me and was covered for long time by antibiotics. The patient was 1 year age and his condition improved and the last 2 weeks after getting flue started to complain of headache, vomiting and blurred vision. The patient was under regular observation, but he escaped the last visit, which was three months ago, but he performed brain CT-scan and plain abdomen, which were acceptable. Because he was OK. he did not came to the clinic. After escalation of his condition, repeat CT-scan showed dilatation of the ventricular system and plain abdomen demonstrated disruption of the distal end at the thoracic cage. On examination the cut edge of the tube was palpable  with CSF collection around it. The patient was operated and first level performance Medtronic adult type VPS was inserted. Here is a demonstration of the stucked choroid plexus to the ventricular end, with subsequent bleeding, which must be kept in mind as the negative sides of all shunts. As seen here, in case of occurrence of such event the surgeon must perform thorough cleaning of the system. Better than that, it is preferable to insert the ventricular end first and to wait until the coming CSF is clear, and then to proceed.

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