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Dr. Ali Al-Bayyati and Dr. Munir Elias

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The patient  came to the clinic with long history of headache and hearing loss for 2 years and progressive weal left facial nerve and left abducens and blurring vision both eyes with diplopea and swallowing difficulty for 3 years and ataxic gait. The patient was embolized 6 months ago without result and she progressed after that visual scatomas.  On examination, beside the above mentioned findings, she had atrophy of the left side of the tongue with loss of taste and sensation of the left side of the tongue. She had hiccup and abnormal breathing pattern. Several MRIs performed over the last 3 years, showing the progression of the mass with total involvement of the left transverse sinus with the inferior petrosal vein and the IJV down to the med cervical region. The mass was giant and compressing the brain stem with mild secondary hydrocephalus.





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This is the 10th similar case I have with these data and were operated, but for my regret, they escaped the video documentation during the last 20 years. I will try to seek the available material later.


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