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Dr. Ali Al-Bayyati and Dr. Munir Elias

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The patient a young gentleman was brought to the ICU with history of sudden los of consciousness. The patient then after  neuroradiologic work-up showed a space-occupying lesion in the posterior fossa with signs of hemorrhage. Despite massive dehydration therapy he continued to deteriorate after relative improvement  with nuchal rigidity  and signs of impaction.


The patient was brought to the operating room and in the setting position, a mid-line occipital osteoplastic craniotomy with reflection of the flap to the inferior corner of the wound. The dura was opened and the the hematoma was inspected and a tonsilar AVM with feeders from the right PICA was resected with the compressing hematoma removed. After removal of the hematoma and coagulation and bisection of the the AVM, inspection of other parts of the surrounding neural structures was negative.


Routine closure of the wound. Smooth postoperative recovery.

Follow Up


The patient came several times the next 8 years and he was neurologically free.





The patient had tonsilar herniation due to posterior fossa impaction in the foramen magnum. Surgical removal and decompression is the best solution to prevent further deterioration.

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